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Engineering Services


Simulation is a third pillar of science and Technology. Engineering Simulation is used effectively for faster, cost effective product development. ATOA Scientific Technologies provides Engineering Services with speciality Multiphysics Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

We offer simulation services across Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Flow, Thermal, Acoustical and Optical Engineering. ATOA specializes in helping clients to accelerate product development and reduce costs through multiphysics optimization.  

We collaborate with our clients to mimic the real world into a virtual world. The concurrent design simulation technology is packaged into material, product, process and system level industry specific solutions.

ATOA's Research and Innovation focus is on application technology, translation of scientific discoveries into innovative solution for our clients. Materials Technology, Multiphysics Simulations, Multiscale Modeling, Biomimetics and, Design for Sustainability are few of our R&I focus areas.

For all your Engineering Design visit  http://cae.atoa.com/


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Engineering Apps

Tools differentiated us from the prime mates. Currently each one of you is carrying an 80's supercomputer on your hand. Our Goal is to put this supercomputer on the move that is your smart phone for productive use, with engineering apps, for Design on the GO.

ATOA Software Technologies, Apps portal is a single door entry for all your engineering Apps to do engineering design on the go on your mobile phone. From millions of android and iOS apps, we have selected top engineering apps just for you.

You can find engineering apps of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Flow, Thermal, Acoustical and Optical Engineering. Plus Material, Renewable Energy, 3D printing, Nano, Bio, Info and Cognitive apps.

apps.atoa portal filters engineering apps from millions of android and iOS apps, and this enable us to identify unmet needs for Engineering apps. You can download high end android and iOS engineering apps for engineering design calculations.  

For all your Engineering Apps visit  http://apps.atoa.com/

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